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Category: Press KitFulgenzi finds back Performances in Spa Francorchamps despite engine issues.

It required three test days to realign the 992 GT3 Cup by Enrico Fulgenzi Racing to the Carrera Cup France’s top 5, and they showed engine problems which were there since Magny-Cours’ Round 1.  

Jesi, 22/06/2021

Carrera Cup France’s level is even tougher then expected, especially this year with the new car to develop and the top teams who take part in at least 3 championships during the season, and collect a lot of test days and data to work on.

Enrico Fulgenzi Racing desperately needed some test days in order to close the gap, and one they’ve had the chance they immediately took them, scoring a lot of laps during three tack days in Spa Francorchamps.

The step-forward came out immediately: despite a fuel pump issue, which forced the #17 not to run in FP1, nice lap times were scored in FP2, in which the Dobermann got P5 (Lap time then cancelled for track limits). A wrong manouvre in the pit-lane costed Fulgenzi a 5-place penality on the grid for Race 1.

Day 2: Qualifying
In such an high level championship with that kind of little gap qualifying is playing a crucial role for the race result. And in qualifying the engine problems merged out hugely, becoming way more then a doubt hided by set-up issues. The issue has been analyzed and after looking at the data it looks like it was affecting the team since Magny-Cours’ Round 1.

Fifth place scored in qualifying, with a non perfect lap which included a mistake at the Bus Stop, shows the growth which the team and the car has made performance-wise. The car in Spa was, without all the sort of issues, ready to fight for the overall podium.

Race 1 has been a bit chaotic: the team still had to find the final click on the set-up in order to keep the tires alive during the entire race. The Dobermann was eager to keep in touch with the top group and this forced him to an huge brake-lock, which caused an enormous front-wheels flatspot followed by a retirement guided by safety reasons.

During Race 2 the Dobermann shown what he is made of: 4 places gained during lap one and an entire racing attacking Alessandro Ghiretti. Overtaking hasn’t been possible this time, which means that there still is a lot to improve and to solve the problems which are blocking EF Racing’s wings at the moment.

Round 4 is going to be the team’s home race, which will be held in Monza the 10-11th of July. Fulgenzi is going to try the Golpe thanks to the home support and to a fresh-new engine.

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