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Category: Press KitEnrico Fulgenzi Racing and Dea Worklab giving shape to the new Headquarter together

The building of Enrico Fulgenzi Racing’s new factory in Jesi is coming to an end, and the team’s fleet of Porsche vehicles is ready to be stored at their new home in a couple of weeks time.  

Jesi, 16/07/2021

Inside the 600mq Workshop, standing right out of the city-center and set to become the centre of Porsche activity for all the Marche region, all the crew will work on the Porsches which are set to fill the factory for the next years.

Before all the cars can finally touch the brand-new floor (powered by Tecnoresina) the workshop needs to be equipped with work decks and tooling systems of each kind. All these technical fornitures are really stressed in a racing-based activity, and they will require the best quality product. The perfect name for this kind of products is for sure Dea Italian Worklab, which is 100% compatible for Enrico Fulgenzi Racing’s and for their staff’s requests.

The Enrico Fulgenzi Racing Headquarter is going to be equipped with around 30 blocks completely made in Italy by Dea Italian Worklab, where the mechanichs and Porsche Masters from EF Racing will find their own magic tools in the most ergonomic and performing way available on market.

All the blocks are going to be custom made exclusively for Enrico Fulgenzi Racing into a stunning combo of white, black and our 137C factory yellow.

You can find all the product info on Dea Worklab’s official website

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